Platform Home-Work 2012~

Home-Work is an interdisciplinary design and art platform, started in 2011 by Sayaka Abe(NL/JP) and Krimo Benlaloua(NL/MA) that researches the change of traditions influenced by the migration flow around the world. Through a form of MOBILE WORKSHOPS at schools cultural institutions and events, we create opportunities to get know him/herself roots.

We have learned from living in the multicultural society of the Netherlands, how important it is to know oneself, and to exchange ideas through direct human relationships; something that cannot be conveyed through our contemporary devices.

Workshop at TKK Xiamen University (CN 2012) Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy (NL 2013) Higashi junior high school (JP 2013) Kunsthal KAdE (NL 2014)

Our interview at

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