12 05 – 17 07 2017
@ Garage Rotterdam NL

Exhibition is called “Humble” curated by Heske ten Cate and Hanne Hagenaars
BRANDSTOF | Friday 23 maart,  20.00 uur


My works are in frames!
It is usually very difficult to fit my work in frames because of the large size and the need for a lot of light.
One work which I donated to the artist in residency at het vijfde seizoen (July-Sep 2015), with organiser Esther Vossen we went to the frame shop to check materials and size, etc etc. I finally could see Ms.A beautifully in a frame at the opening of HVS!
For other large works which are presented by janknegtgallery ( at Amsterdam Pan, I am very pleased by the fantastic job by frame maker Mr. E and great gallery owner Ms.J. They are beautiful wooden frames with light behind!

The sake of sake

Our new animation installation, The sake of sake, the result of Miyoshi artist in residence after the research at Sake brewery Miyoshi kiku. Who missed it, please check out this video!
三好アーティストインレジデンスで制作したアニメーションインスタレーション The sake of sake, (お酒の話) 。酒蔵三芳菊で見せていただいた酒造りのプロセスを元に映像作家Manus Sweeneyと共に制作したものです。展覧会を見れなかった方、ダイジェスト版ビデオ、のぞいてみてください。


18.02. – 05.03.2017

Socially Engaged Art by the Art&Society Research Center in Tokyo

@ 3331 Arts Chiyoda

More details at Here

and presented by vijfde-seizoen

and more info at



10.02-24.02 2017

Machi-to-Sora Art Festival 2017 / マチトソラ芸術祭2017

We will show the new work of Miyoshi Artist in Residence 2016. More info at

14.11-11.12  2016

Miyoshi Artist in Residence 2016

Its collaboration with film maker Manus Sweeney. We plan to produce an animation and projection mapping on the theme of sake brewing in Miyoshi.

20-27.11. 2016

Pan Amsterdam

Presented by Janknegt gallery. More detail at janknegtgallery

23.10-mid of Dec. 2016

You are warmly invited to the exhibition for which I worked together with international women who live around buurtkamer Parlarie not far from Amsterdam central station. On 23rd of October we will make a small tour around the exhibition and neighborhood. It would be great to see you there.
More details will follow…

Zondag 23 Oktober is de opening van de tentoonstelling van Sayaka Abe, die samenwerkte met vrouwen van de internationale vrouwengroep uit buurtkamer Parlarie in de Zeeheldenbuurt.

LET OP ! de opening is vroeger dan anders, om 14 uur, de lokatie is buurtkamer Parlarie, Barenstzstraat 28.
Adressen van de etalages: Van Heemskerckstraat 42, 46 Dirk Hartoghstraat 41, 45, Roggeveenstraat 109, 165 In buurtkamer Parlarie zijn ook drie foto’s te zien.


20.08. 2016

Presentation of new publication “Dear Fighters!” Another Place, My Life, Casco/ FOTODOK Utrecht NL

6-7.1. 2015

het IDEA festival  Collaborate with Filosofie Oost-West

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy  Amsterdam



Artist in residence at Het Vijfde Seizoen (The Fifth Season).

It is a residence for artists on the grounds of the psychiatric institution the Willem Arntz Hoeve in Den Dolder, the Netherlands. Professional artists can live and work here for a season (3 months).

Het Vijfde Seizoen 


Anything but homeless. Tekeningen uit de NOG Collectie at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

The NOG Collection is owned by Stichting Beheer SNS REAAL.  De NOG Collectie is eigendom van Stichting Beheer SNS REAAL.

Marlies Appel, Merina Beekman, Beekman, Merina, Simon Benson, Ansuya Blom, Dineke Blom, Nik Christensen, David Bade, Otto Egberts, Helen Frik, Kees de Goede, Clair Harvey, Frank van Hemert, Caren van Herwaarden, Hans van Hoek, Nan Hoover, Nan Hoover, Shelagh Keeley, Arno Kramer, Sandra Kruisbrink, Mariëtte Linders, Philip Loersch, Marijn Akkermans, Marjolijn van den Assem, Erik Mattijssen, Ronald Noorman, Peter Otto, Jürgen Partenheimer, Sayaka Abe, Greet Schutte, Joseph Semah, Maria Smits, Elly Strik, Aline Thomassen, Veron Urdarianu, Emo Verkerk, Naomi Warmer, Nobuko Watanabe.



4. 2 – 8. 2. 2015

Umeboshi portrait3

International Book Art Fair in Art Rotterdam Week

at  Fenixloods 1, Veerlaan 9-13, Katendrecht, Rotterdam  Check here!


8.1.2015 -17.1.2015

Excellent Post_5.s Excellent Post_6 Excellent Post_7.s


Excellent Post @CBK with Masa.O



At Uchinokoto exhibition, excellent postmen (Masa Oyamada & Sayaka Abe) will work on making excellent postcards which the exhibition visitors want to send to their home and to prepare them for delivering  During the pop up excellent post , it is open for visitors to join and write post cards to their home as well. More info at Excellent Post


27. 11.2014-17.1.2015


うちのこと   アムステルダム編

会場, CBK Amsterdam

Uchinokoto   Amsterdam version

at CBK Amsterdam



Work as a researcher (1 Dec-23 Dec 2014) for doing research community art in Malaysia with Asahi Art Festival and present the research at AAM (16 Dec – 17Dec  2014)

Supported by AAF, Japan Foundation, Multimedia University in Malaysia

Here, you can see  a blog of AAF Malaysia community art reserach



Kair2014(神山Air ) 展覧会

会場 粟カフェ 神山 徳島県

Kair2014 (Kamiyama Artist in Residence 2014) exhibition

at Awa cafe Kamiyama Tokushima Japan

detail at 




『うちのこと』Uchinokoto  -house, family, inside and I-

On going research exhibition at Akibatamabi21 (3331 Arts Chiyoda) in Tokyo.

More info at Uchinokoto



詳しくはウェブサイトをご覧ください。 Uchinokoto



Artist in Residency in Hacchi in Japan. More news will be updated at  sayakamiyama!

ポータルミュージアム「はっち」にてManus Sweeney と映像作品を制作します。詳しくはHacchisayakamiyama にて!


26.5. 2014 –

Kamiyama Ruby show at JA in Kamiyama

The works from Kair2013 will be presented at JA in Kamiyama.  My work are for sale at exhibition space!





Kair Kamiyama Artist Residency From August until Novemver 2013


From the end of August until end of November 2013, I am invited to work in Kair (an artist in residence) in Kamiyama, Japan. As Kamiyama means God mountain, there is also Shosan-temple which is well known as the 12th temple from Shikoku 88 pilgrimage. I am very much spiritually inspired by working in the middle of the mountains. The result of this residency, I am planning to exhibit in an old Sake factory in town. If you are near it would be nice to see you there!

I am going to update Kamiyama life at sayakamiyama.

We are aslo working on food project with Whatelesevideo, Nozomi Kume(Fashion designer),Mika Sawairi(Food coordinator) and me. More detail at 100 days in Kamiyama at Awa Cafe in Kamiyama!


Interview video of Misato who lives in Fukushima after3.11 (2013)

Fukushima city 2013

Film and edit by Manus Sweeney

Interview by Sayaka Abe

Music by Yutaka Hoshino


2. 2013-7.6.2013

Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy special project Lloyd Post by Home-Work.

Home-Work team set up a temporary Lloyd Post office at the hotel for 5 month. We invited hotel guests to write their …. experience in the Netherlands for exchange of our original stamp and new postcard.

You can see their ….. experience in the Netherlands here!