Pocket world 2009

What is a pocket? A pocket is an intimate space, something that makes me comfortable for instance if I am shy or nervous I put my hands in my pockets and I can feel this comfort anytime anywhere. It is your own small private space. I think people have their own fantasy within it and you can carry it with you everywhere you go. I explored this idea by making seven life sized drawings on textile, combined with 3D elements of different materials.

This is similar to how I think about Jewelry. Wearing Jewelry also brings me some comfort. I can also carry this comfort wherever I go. My inspiration sources come from daily objects, daily life, memories and situations and the works are mobile in order to take this intimate and comfortable space with you all the time.

270×140 cm seven series


Candy girl

 sayaka abe.pocket world.thecandygirl  sayaka abe.pocket world.candy_girl_detail_w

Pocket girl

sayaka abe.pocket world.pocket girl_wsayaka abe.pocket world.pocket_girl_detail_w


sayaka abe.pocket world.the_family_w sayaka abe.pocket world.the family_detail_w

Mr. Fatty

sayaka abe.pocket world.Mr.Fatty-w sayaka abe.pocket world.fatty_detail_w


4W.m.pocket worldsayaka abe.pocket world.4W_detail2_w


4M.m.pocket worldsayaka abe.pocket world.4M

A wig

sayaka abe.pocket world.wig_wsayaka abe.pocket world.wig_detail_w