A tent village – Private into public

A tent village – Private into public

2 large drawings and interview text was about an isolated community in Japan.

In summer 2014, I was in Tokyo researching the meaning of ‘uchi’ (home) by interviewing people in the street to ask what home means for them. One day, I came upon the tent village in Yoyogi park in Shibuya in the middle of Tokyo. I spent the whole summer there to hear their voices and to observe the reality of politics and society in Tokyo. How do private and public space coexist in this forgotten part of Tokyo?

Drawing installation

size: 300×400(cm) 2kinds

Exhibition at CBK Amsterdam 2014-2015

Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_Rope01s Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_Rope09s Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_Rope07s Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_Rope06s Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_Rope03sUchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_drawing02s Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_drawing13s Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_drawing08s Uchinokoto_CBK_Sayaka_drawing03sUchinokoto_CBK_Overview6s