GM House (おばあちゃんの家)

I am interested in copying something using different materials and different techniques , if this is still called copying?
My grandmother is 93 years old and recently she has begun staying in bed almost all day long. She is a closed person to me and she is near to finishing her life now.

 In order to keep my grandmother’s presence in the future, I have begun to transcript her and her life into another form. I spent time together with her, eating, taking a walk or sitting by her bed….I started to create a copy of her by drawing her in her space. For this exhibition I decided to copy her room into a 3D space.


Installation  300x300x500 cm


sayaka abe.GMhouse1-1


gm house5oudekerk_8_s

gm house13 gm house11 gm house10 gm house8

gm house12gm house6  gm house7gm house3 gm house2