Maria series

I met Maria, she’s a 68 year old Dutch woman. I was fascinated by her cheerful and pleasant personality.

Because of that I wanted to know more about her and also through her wanted to know more about Dutch culture, I started visiting her twice a week and after a while started drawing her at her house.

During the month we talked about her trips to Africa, her jewelry collection, food or things that had happened that week. It seemed nothing out of the ordinary but it was a very rich time for me, and I hope that it was for her also.

She often commented on my drawings, and even added some of her own touches to some of my work.

On the other hand, the very intimate communication we had led our friendship in a more fragile and very delicate way.

I have seen both sides of the human character, bright and dark, and the differences between those with a long future and those who are growing old.

It’s related to the dual nature of the person, inside and outside. Every person has to make the balance between them as they grow old..

That ‘s what I discovered during this process.

I realized that I was merely observing one person’s history rather than seeing what is typically Dutch.

Drawing the ‘Maria series’ I wanted to draw both sides of her personality.

270x140cm three series


Maria1-1Maria Series No2. Maria1-2

Maria Series No2.

sayaka abe.maria.maria1_w2Maria Series No1.

sayaka abe.maria.maria1_d1Maria Series No1.

sayaka abe.maria.maria3_d2Maria Series No3.

sayaka abe.maria.maria1_d2Maria Series No3.

sayaka abe.maria.3_dMaria Series No3.


Exhibition at Ozone design center-Tokyo