WOWAmsterdamOld school bulding turned into Low budget hotel…

Hotel entrance as well studio

He is a chef of a hotel but as well for neighboor. He use fresh vegitable from WOW garden. Dinner is available everyday just 7.5e!

Fresh vegitable just picked from garden

photo exhibition about neighboor

Kids are the pure artists!


Old school bulding turned into Low budget hotel & share harden & artists studio & Print making & Gallery and local involving cultural complex! It just started in 2014. Last weekend they had a event MAF (Music, Art and Food) . There are hand made shops, 

昔の学校を文化施設として新しく生まれ変えたもの。ユースホテル、アトリエ、プリント工房、レストラン、コンセプチュアルガーデン etc.この日はMAF (Music, Art and Food) というイベントの日で、手作りの作品を売るショップが出ていたり、庭で採れハーブのアイスクリーム、自分で作るピザ、そしてライブイベントが繰り広げられとても盛り上がっていました。